Distribution Sales

The availability of your movie online, is critical for its financial success.

The most successful release strategy is theoretically, to make your movie available everywhere, at the same time, on all secure platforms that stream movies.  Therefore, your movie should be present on the following Online Platforms during its primary release:

YouTube.com/movies - Sell VOD

Google Play - Sell VOD

Amazon.com - Sell VOD ("instant video") or POD DVDs

iTunes - Sell downloaded movie file.

eBay - Sell Special Edition DVDs for fans, plus extra movie-titled stuff, to up sell in Search results.

Facebook - Sell VOD with eCommerce application, using Facebook as video host.

Your Official Movie Website - Sell POD using CreateSpace. Sell streaming, or download video, using secure, private video host with eCommerce application.  Offer Affiliate capability to allow others to make money selling your movie. This is what Amazon does with any of its products.  Affiliate Programs cause more people to market and sell your movie.

Your movie can be bundled with another product.  For example, a Pizza business made a deal with a movie studio, so that it could sell its pizza with the latest studio releases, all through the same convenient website. 

Cost structures and revenue models vary, so you should analyze how various distribution and marketing strategies may impact your net potential revenue.  You do want to create a large buzz to get as many people as possible to see your movie.  And before you release your movie, release a series of short compelling videos that create an emotional attachment and interest in your movie.

Make your movie easy for people to find online. If it's available on Youtube, Google Play and Amazon, then it should be easier to find in search.  If you only have your movie available from your official website, then your SEO and Page Rank need to be excellent and well established.

Your movie stands a better chance of being found through Search, when its helped by Marketing & Publicity.  Social networks work really well here, because people tend to comment socially on movies.

Movie Applications

Create an App to engage your visitor, to watch your movie. Have the app work differently on a Mobile Device, versus a Desktop monitor, or Smart TV.  Youtube makes the user's mobile device become the remote control and channel guide, triggering selected shows to que up, then play on a Smart TV.


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