There are Multiple Ways to finance Your Movie 

Make sure your budget is realistic.

Money can come from:

Crowd Funding.  To promote your movie project, create YouTube videos that link directly to your Crowd-funding page.

Be sure to tell friends and family, who may want to invest.

Large money investors include Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists.

Another source of money can come from Sponsorship and Brand deals.  A Brand can pay to be in your movie, to have their logo, product, or service featured. A Brand can also sponsor the movie's promotional videos that play YouTube, Vimeo, etc.  The Brand benefits from the exposure your movie gets, through your publicity and marketing efforts on Social Media.

Develop ancillary products associated with your movie, to generate additional revenue.  Put in place manufacturing deals and structures, to create, sell and deliver these products.

Earn affiliate ad revenue by using Google Adsense on your YouTube Channel and Google Blog.  Your Google Blog can document your production process, with posts to your Google+ Page notifying your followers.

Plan on getting the most production value, that shows on-screen, for your dollar.  If you make a terrible movie and can't sell enough copies to cover costs, then you're out of business.

Here are some idea generators:

Defining Revenue Models for your movie and ancillary products.