Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Future Reality of Movie Business

Written by Peter Feuersenger, BA (film)

A mini-version of the Movie Business Plan 2014 is being created on the Facebook page. Today, an Introduction:

The Movie Industry is currently experiencing a Digital Tsunami, with the introduction of 4K video (Ultra HD) smart TV technology, and lower cost 4K Cameras & Post Production Equipment. The business goal of Sony Universal Studios is to sell 4K streaming movies online through their own web portals. The Internet is evolving toward streaming 4K video. 

Any Independent Producer can sell their movie property through their own website, as well as through commercial services including Vimeo On Demand, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, eBay, etc. YouTube currently allows uploading and streaming of 4K movies, if you have the required bandwidth & equipment to play.

With 4K video, Independent Producers can create theatrical quality movies at a lower cost and sell directly to viewers online. Independent Producers with great movies, will be able to compete on a level playing field with Major Studies. Knowledge, relationships and experience are key. The quality of your story & production values are the foundations for financial success. A good story enables positive comments and word of mouth to increase marketing and sales. Ensure that your movie is available everywhere at a price you can set. Marketing and Distribution through Social Media is free & creative, and within your power to determine. Have a long term business plan!

This business plan will follow the development of The Darkside Movie project, an original project by Peter Feuersenger, B.A. (film). The script is undergoing a rewrite, and expected to go into production 2014.

This Movie Business Plan (a Guide to Independent Movie Production & Distribution), is being written and expanded to include the latest, best information and links. Updates to the plan will be posted on the Movie Business Plan Facebook feed.    Please Like for updates!  

To be continued...

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

What's In Your Movie Business Plan?

Watch this video by Film Specific, about what needs to be in your Movie Business Plan:

Also, watch this eHow guide to creating a Movie Business Plan. It's informative and followed by a series of tutorial videos, regarding the business of making your movie.  Also read Film Funding Fundamentals. and watch New Models.  Here's some info on finding Revenue Projections and your Distribution Strategy.

Friday, 4 January 2013

What Your Audience Deserves

What is a sound track, but the music of your film?  A movie's sound track needs to be phenomenal to carry a weak story. Your movie soundtrack needs to be phenomenal, regardless. Your audience deserves that. Your story needs to be phenomenal. Don't waste anyone's time, if you're not clear about the story you want to communicate. Do the best you can. You deserve that. Strive for the highest production values that you can create. Be strategic in your long-term marketing to reap your highest rewards. Have a movie business plan.

Peter Feuersenger

Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Darkside Movie In Development

The Darkside Movie is in development by writer, producer Peter Feuersenger, B.A. (film), who will be following the steps outlined in the Movie Business Plan.  As the Darkside Movie project develops, the Movie Business Plan will be updated by Peter with any insights and educational references acquired.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Notes to Create & Sell a Movie Online

Your ability to make a movie with high production values and compelling story, is only limited by your knowledge and experience.  This business plan will eventually provide sufficient links to create and sell your movie online.  This website will evolve over time.  More News & Information is available on the Movie Business Plan Facebook page.

The Business of Creating & Selling your movie is as follows:


Visualizing the story, writing the Treatment, then the Screenplay.
Defining the primary audience, defining the marketing and creating the business plan.


Determining the type of money available.  Brain storming ideas, co-branding deals ...
The new Crowd Funding Rules in the U.S.A. sound promising.
The budget & expenses of the movie project, should be much less than the projected revenue.


Equipment (4K, 5K, 8K), determined by budget.

Distribution Platforms / Sales

Unless you make an exclusive deal, your movie should be simultaneously available on all the major Video Streaming Platforms. These platforms benefit from their share in sales & ad revenue.  A list of online platforms will be provided in this plan.

Movie Marketing

The active use of social media generates buzz.  Do Twitter tweets, sponsored trends, Facebook ads, posts related to publicity, etc.

Have ready, a Mobile Movie Application, that can be downloaded for free, to engage the user with a compelling experience, showing an option to watch the movie, or buy the movie.